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Comic Book Club: Greg Stone

Comedian Greg Stone tells us about his drunken draw-off with Jim Lee, and things get REAL.

This Week’s Stack: Invincible #88, Action Comics #6, The Twelve #9

Week in Geek:

*We discuss DC’s Before Watchmen, and Alex discovers there are maybe no famous quotes from Watchmen.

*The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer vs. The Avengers Super Bowl Teaser: which one is better?

*The Walking Dead and Comic Book Men on AMC mean we’re staying in on Sunday nights!

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  1. Carol says:

    what does waterboarded mean and that movie was a mess im a gay black satc fan and this was just not satc it felt like a sktceh comedy show and it was just a mess the first one was ok but still had shit on the series but this was just a mess

  2. Alex says:

    @Roger: That is awesome! We were trying to actively remember famous quotes from Watchmen after the show, and other than “I did it 35 minutes ago,” “You’re in here with me!” and “Hrm,” were drawing a blank!

    @Mark: Like most things having to do with Batman Forever, I think I blanked out that track! But now I’m going to have to play it on a loop all day.

  3. Mark says:

    Uh, this is also an amazing bone thugs song from the Batman Forever Soundtrack…

  4. During the Great Comic-Con Registration Debacle of 2011, Twitter had one of the best “Watchmen” quotes/references I’ve ever seen:
    “Comic-Con looks down and whispers, ‘No.'”