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Comic Book Club: Chris Hardwick & Chris Gethard

Chris Hardwick (The Nerdist) and Chris Gethard (The Chris Gethard Show) hit the stage to talk about growing up with “interesting” last names. Plus, Hardwick talks about being a fan of Walking Dead, while Gethard tells us about the time Robert Kirkman ripped him apart live on stage.

Watch the Nerdist Channel video version right here (and don’t forget to listen to the complete full-length (over an hour!) version below):


This Week’s Stack: Daredevil #11, FF #17, AVX VS #1
Week in Geek:
* We’ve seen Marvel’s The Avengers, which was much more impressive when the movie wasn’t out yet. But here’s our spoiler free thoughts!
* Will there be a third Hulk movie, or should he stick to TV WHERE HE BELONGS?
* The new Dark Knight Rises trailer hits, so we play every kid’s favorite game, Arm Chair Box Office Analyst.


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  1. GuanoLad says:

    Bit of a sausage fest.

  2. John Barrie says:

    Hey, love everything Nerdist industries does. I just wanted to share my experience at Free Comic Book Day with your listeners. I promise that despite the link below, I’m just a nerd who is trying to follow your example regarding self promotion in the social age, and not a spambot.