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Comedy @ Meltdown Comics Tonight!

Jonah Ray does this great monthly comedy show at Meltdown in LA. Usually there’s beer, and this week The Baby’s Badass Burger truck is going to be there and I am not shitting you a WHIT when I say that they make the best sliders in the short history of sliders. Seriously.

This month Jonah has assembled a ninja-grade team comedians. If you haven’t seen Kyle Kinane, you are depriving yourself of laughter. Additionally, I shall be trying out some new jokey jokes at this show.

Jonah Ray’s Meltdown is tonight @ 8 @ Meltdown, 7522 Sunset Blvd. Just in case you have a disorder that prevents you from seeing jpgs like the one above.


  1. Kijan says:

    everyone should go to this! i’ve been to the last two and they are so much fun!