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Comedy Alert: “Thank You For Not Laughing”

I love books. I love e-books even more. I love funny e-books most because they are short bursts of comedy that make me feel like I’ve read an entire book yet don’t get in the way of a book I’m actually reading. I just read one in an hour and it made me laugh so I am sharing with you.

Chris Illuminati may have a porn star name, but his writing is clever and smart. His e-book “Thank You For Not Laughing” acts as his comedic diary, in which he ponders everything from his fear of drinking malts to how to react in public to a person having a seizure (making a video of it is not recommended).

Here is a taste:

I need to hire a personal record keeper. I thought of this while taking what I’m guessing was the longest piss of my life. I had no way of verifying if this were true. So I need a person to keep track of these personal records.

It’s a fun quick read and will lend some comedy to your day if you’re craving more than just funny tweets on your timeline.

You can get “Thank You For Not Laughing” here.





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