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Colin Mochrie Prepares For More WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY?

Colin Mochrie Prepares For More WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY?

Colin Mochrie holds a special place in my heart. I grew up watching him, Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady, the occasional Greg Proops, and Drew Carey on the American version of Whose Line Is It Anyway? The CW revived show with Aisha Tyler in 2013, and it returns for Season 2 this Friday.

Nerdist got a chance to talk to Mochrie about his experience bringing the comedy phenomenon back so many years later. Has it been strange coming back to the show on such a young network like The CW? Not really, said Mochrie. “I toured with everyone, Brad Sherwood. Ryan tours with Greg Proops and Jeff Davis and Chip Esten and Wayne and Jonathan Mangum do their tours and we all found in the last little while our audiences are actually getting younger. We’re getting people who weren’t even born when the Drew Carey Whose Line was out coming to our shows because of the internet. So they sort of caught up with the show that way.”

Improvisation has seen a huge surge in popularity over the last twenty years. What does Mochrie, a veteran improvisor, think crosses so many generational lines about their brand of improv? “[I]t’s goofy humor. You know, you’re not going to see sharp political satire from us or anything like that, it’s just goofy fun. It’s sort of what you would do at a party with your friends. You just sort of goof around and try and make each other laugh. The beauty of Whose Line is we don’t know where the punchlines are and we don’t know where the straight lines are because you know it’s all made up, we’re just going along with it. I feel we have as much fun and get amused as much as the audience does.” He continued, “That really is the toughest part: walk onto stage with absolutely nothing planned and just getting ready to play with the person you’re getting ready to play with.”

Finally, I had to ask, would there be a Drew Carey cameo coming our way on The CW anytime soon? “I would say never say never. You truly never know and, you know, they’re constantly surprising us with guest stars anyway, so, you know, I should expect at some point for him to pop up.” What about Carey hosting The Price Is Right? Does Mochrie think he’ll be headed to the Showcase Showdown? “I doubt it, unless I really need a washing machine.”

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