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Cobra Commander Wants YOU!


Anybody can be a G.I. Joe; it takes real courage to join Cobra! The paramilitary outfit is trying to up its numbers with a dazzling new campaign and has even tapped golden-voiced actor Keith David for its new recruitment video. Try telling us you wouldn’t want to join! They’ve even started a new website, Cobra Special Forces, which leads you to ways you can express your support for them. All they want to do is help.

Cobra has gotten a bad rap over the years. Founded in the early-’80s by Cobra Commander, who has chosen to forsake the fame of being a well-known face and name for the sanctity of the organization, Cobra takes on the thankless tasks that no one else wants – certainly not Joe. Cobra’s missions keep this planet running smoothly, and have they ever asked for anything from us? No, they have not! If you were to join Cobra, you’d be an integral part of the team and get a nickname worthy of your talents. Some of the most influential include Storm Shadow, Doctor Mindbender, and The Baroness. Always wanted to learn to pilot a helicopter or raid under cover of night? That’s day four of the Cobra training course. Immediate rank and responsibility will be yours. You’ll be proud to wear the black and red.

Joining is easy. It starts with liking them on Facebook, changing your social media avatar as you see fit, then maybe going to one of their designated events taking place in 14 states nationwide. We’re confident you’ll be raring to join as soon as you can. You won’t have to face any “Retaliation” if you do, though you may want to go to the theater on March 29th to cheer them on. Visit Cobra Special Forces and join today!


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  1. Grimlyn says:

    We will show these “Joes” what it means to be Cobra! ATTACK THE INTERNET!!!!!!!!!

  2. Grimlyn says:

    I’m establishing a fort here. All personel that still have legs attached, please report to the forward pillow.

  3. Grimlyn says:

    too cheesy? “Cobra citadel is secure!”

  4. Grimlyn says:

    Sssssssimply amazing!