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Coachella Lineup Announced! Here Are The Bands We’re Most Excited To See

Coachella Lineup Announced! Here Are The Bands We’re Most Excited To See

Shove it, Burning Man. The best party in the desert for homies and burnouts from all walks of life is clearly The Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival, and we couldn’t be more excited that the fest announced another killer lineup for 2015.

Coachella, which will be held the consecutive weekends of April 11 and 18, will feature legendary Aussie rockers AC/DC (clearly not letting the recent controversy with drummer Phil Rudd get in the way), Jack White (who made our top tracks of 2014 list), and Drake as headliners. Also, we could not be more pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of classic yacht rockers Steely Dan, and we totally called that Belle & Sebastian would be making an appearance on this list. Though we are excited to catch a tinnitus-inducing rendition of “Thunderstruck”, a sludgy live version of “Lazaretto”, and to cry for the duration of Drake’s entire set, we’ve also got our eye on a lot of the bands in the medium and small print. Take a look at full lineup below and then mosey below the official image to see some of the acts we’re most excited to catch this year in Indio.

coachella 2015

In addition to virtually all of the big name bands (Tame Impala and the Alabama Shakes on the same day!) here is a list of all the acts we’re stoked for every day of Coachella.

Friday Must Sees:

-Tame Impala + the desert sun will surely melt your entire face off. The psych rock band will be back with a new album this year, which means they’ll likely be trying out new jams.

Flying Lotus is an LA native who just released one of the most bizarre electronic/jazz albums of 2014. We recommend getting deep into the crowd for this set in order to summon the vibes fully.

Ryan Hemsworth‘s set will surely turn into a J-Pop-sampling dance party as soon as he makes his way to the stage and demurely introduces himself. One time he came into the Nerdist offices to play us in Super Smash for Wii U and dominated me, so I am hoping for a backstage rematch.

Raekwon and Ghostface Killah are living legends and you would be a damn fool not to see the legendary Wu-Tang MCs tag team an entire set together. This one is just a no brainer, dudes.

Vic Mensa is the next big rapper from Chicago’s Save Money crew, which boasts Chance The Rapper as its lyrically adept, squawking leader. Vic’s music is a little more party friendly and EDM-infused which is perfect if you want to bump ‘n’ grind in the broad daylight.

Eagulls are going to shred and scream and spit because that is the only thing they know. This head-to-toe rock outfit will be the highlight of your day if you came to Coachella looking to get whiplash from headbanging.

Saturday Must Sees:

-Ryn Weaver will likely be a big pop star in the coming years, so this could be your opportunity to catch the young singer before you have to pay arena-prices and stand next to tweens to see her.

Run The Jewels just released a monster hip-hop album in 2014, so you would seriously be missing out if you missed El-P and Killer Mike aggressively rap about f-cked up politics and make lewd metaphors. This will be such a good time.

Clean Bandit are a British electronic group that make ebullient pop music with a ton of talented guest vocalists. Catch them if you need something uptempo but not overly taxing in the middle of the day.

-Chet Faker is an Australian songwriter whose R&B inflected electronic sound will make you form a crush on whomever is standing next to you in the crowd. Pick your spot wisely

-Parquet Courts make no bullshit, plainspoken indie rock with an unyieldingly caustic sense of humor. Listen to “Stoned And Starving” and tell me you don’t want to see this show.

Sunday Must Sees:

Built To Spill should absolutely be in much larger print than they are on this poster. The indie rock vets from Boise sound every bit as good as they did twenty years ago, which is no small feat.

-Panda Bear’s set will reveal an alternate universe where colors can sing and harmonize with themselves. Sometimes I feel like Noah Lennox makes music that has the same resonant frequency as the cosmos.

-St. Vincent because she seriously puts on one of the best live shows out there, and if you don’t believe me check out this video of her climbing rafters and collecting people’s stuff while crowd surfing at a recent festival set. Anne Clark is a rock god.

Sturgill Simpson reminds me of Waylon Jennings in the way that he flounces the traditional structures of country music but still makes really structurally and tonally impressive country songs with a philosophical edge.

Kaytranada is a super hip, ultra talented producer who recently signed to XL and got his start making 2000s pop remixes, so you know we were all about that bc <3. This has the potential to be the best dance party of the entire festival.

Just like last year, Team Nerdist will be at Coachella 2015 in full force, and though Brian is sad that OutKast isn’t performing again, he will ultimately come to terms with it. Make sure to say hi to us if you see us. We won’t be easy to miss, just keep an eye out for Dan’s pepperoni pizza shirt. See you in the desert this April, friends!


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  1. neilthatsmyname says:

    I guarantee you will love a Squarepusher set…do not miss that

  2. Bryce says:

    Ryn Weaver is a “must see” … but not Kimbra? Clearly there’s something severely wrong with you.

  3. There is no comparison to be made between Coachella and Burning Man. They are 2 totally different events.

  4. mxpd says:

    uh. Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger. Sean Lennon.. duh

  5. Erik says:

    On the must see list should be the reunion of the shoegazing giants Ride.   I saw them in 1991 and 1993 and they were incredible.

  6. lisa says:

    Umm Andrew McMahon should be on EVERYONE’S must see list!