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CM Punk Dines on Grubs With The Bug Chef and THE BOXTROLLS at SDCC

Maybe it’s the carnival atmosphere San Diego Comic-Con has taken on in recent years, but if you cover something in chocolate or deep fry it and put it on a stick, the people will come. The people will come, they will be hungry, and they will eat what you offer. That’s what CM Punk discovered when chatting it up with David George Gordon, aka The Bug Chef at The Boxtrolls Truck outside the convention.

If every movie out of Laika House in the last few years has included something that made you go “ewwwww”, The Boxtrolls will be no exception. The adorably misunderstood sub-street-dwelling trolls feast on bugs as their main source of nutrients, and when Gordon heard this, he saw an opportunity to bring what some parts of the world consider a delicacy to the masses. Those delicacies include teriyaki-marinated grasshoppers, waxworms in quesadilla  form, and Oaxacan Chapulines, a small grasshopper seasoned with chili, lime juice and dipped in chocolate.

You may not be ready for insects on your dinner plate (even if they are served in cheese or chocolate), but CM Punk is down to try anything. And as far as Comic-Con food sources go, these can’t possibly be that bad. The line to get up to the truck was extensive, and as The Bug Chef reminds us all, bugs are an absolutely excellent source of lean protein. Who knew?

The Boxtrolls arrives in theaters September 26th, and we are excited to explore the new beautiful and weird world that Laika House has cooked up for us this time.



  2. julianrpe says:

    I <3 that this didn’t take the usual shock jock turn. Congrats to The Bug Chef & props to Punk!