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Conan O’Brien is back for one of his most popular segments on Conan, Clueless Gamer. It’s a favorite of ours over here at Nerdist and one can clearly see why when Conan plays games like WWE 2k14, Grand Theft Auto V, Tomb Raider, and many more. In each episode, O’Brien maintains a low acumen for playing video games, but attempts to both play and then give his own personal thoughts on the game afterwards. He also enjoys verbally, and sometimes physically, digging at his assistant for Clueless Gamer, Aaron Bleyaert.

It’s all the fun of watching an older generation play video games, especially with Conan’s incomparable riffing during gameplay, but without any of the frustration of having to walk them through how to play said video game.

In this latest edition, Conan gives the highly anticipated Watch Dogs a try on the brand new PS4. We’ve been excited for Watch Dogs for months now, especially since we learned of its release date, May 27th, as well as a movie adaptation that’s in the works. Watch Dogs follows a hacker seeking revenge with the power to control an entire city’s grid from a mobile device. This means he can see every camera feed, manipulate power sources, etc.

Of course, Conan focuses less on that element of the game and more on breaking every driving law in existence. Rather than getting through the story or even protecting innocent people, Conan ditches any sort of mission he’s on and gets into a whole world of trouble from crashing into too many buildings, objects, people, and much more. Take a look at Conan’s shenanigans in the video below:


  1. Disc Pistol says:

    this one was a bit of a letdown, considering how great the other reviews are.

  2. gdkool says:

    You could see Conan was used to the controller and had played before filming, the way he was handling it crashing or not, he’s no doubt got all the consoles