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Clip of Marvel One-Shot ALL HAIL THE KING

Clip of Marvel One-Shot ALL HAIL THE KING

Last week, I gave you the first glimpses of Marvel’s next One-Shot, the series of shorts made exclusively for Blu-ray releases that fill in back and side stories from the blockbuster films. Entitled All Hall the King, this one fills us in on what’s been happening with the man once thought of as the Mandarin, Trevor Slattery (Sir Ben Kingsley). Now in jail, Slattery is a celebrity and the subject of a hard-hitting investigative documentary.

Now, has an exclusive clip from the beginning of said short featuring the reporter, played by Scott McNairy, as he narrates what interviewing the world’s most infamous actor is like. Not the best, it seems.

We can only assume where the interview goes from there. To see All Hail the King in its entirety, you’ll need to pick up the Blu-ray combo pack of Thor: The Dark World, available beginning Tuesday, February 24th. Mandarin hairstylists are popping up all over.

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