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Clip Cup 3.Cup With Special Guest Chris Hardwick

You may have seen the parody of clip shows at Funny or Die, Clip Cup, taking aim at all the shows that make fun of clips from the Internet and random shows. You know the type. (cough) Well, the latest edition features the show’s own “Clippity Clappity Awards,” with categories like “Best Glassdoor Fail,” “Best Flippadaboat,” and “Best Adapted Fart.” But when the show gives itself the award from the “catemagory” of “Best Clip Show of the Year,” a losing nominee shows up to object:

Yeah, but does Chris have a hip-hop alter ego like Ridiculous Capone? Not yet. Not yet.

HT: Clip Cup creator Scott Gairdner


  1. John says:

    That hurt my brain.

  2. Brian E. says:

    Now I can’t stop talking like that.