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Christopher Walken Sure Does Dance a Lot

Christopher Walken Sure Does Dance a Lot

Nowadays, and actually for about a decade now, Christopher Walken gets impersonated quite a bit. He’s a got a very, shall we say, distinctive vocal pattern which makes it pretty easy; hell, Kevin Pollak had a whole podcast about it. However, one thing nobody seems to be able to mimic is the man’s fancy footedness. It seems strangely fitting for someone as alternately hilarious and terrifying to be amazing at doing something kind of adorable. But, I bet it if you called Mr. Walken “Twinkle Toes,” you’d get your throat torn out or something. He’s unpredictable, you see.

The good folks at Huffington Post have made this phenomenal montage, set to C&C Music Factory’s immortal “Everybody Dance Now,” which showcases all of the many times Christopher “More Cowbell” Walken cuts a rug in movies and on TV. I never realized it was so prevalent; he even dances a little bit with aliens in the weird-ass film Communion. The supercut also includes moments he doesn’t dance, but does keep in the spirit of dancing. He has a song in his heart, no doubt.

For a full list of the films used, go over to HuffPost. And just for funsies, here you can see perhaps Walken’s most famous dance sequence (at least with us younger folks) in the Fatboy Slim video “Weapon of Choice.”


  1. Manny T B says:

    Like all of his movies and I know he is one the best from the pasted . He would have been great in the ‘God Father ‘ . He need to write a book of his life .

  2. Nick says:

    If you’ve ever heard an interview with Walken you’d know his first love is dancing and musical theater.