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Chris Pratt Rapped ‘Forgot About Dre’ Like You Needed Another Reason to Love Him

Chris Pratt Rapped ‘Forgot About Dre’ Like You Needed Another Reason to Love Him

Update 8/6/2014: We now have a video of Chris Pratt rapping over the original Dre production from “Forgot About Dre”, because, internet, and of course. Enjoy the updated #PrattRap below:

Not that any of us needed another reason to be obsessed with Chris Pratt, but here you go. Guardians of the Galaxy star and Parks and Recreation Employee of the Month (of Our Hearts) Pratty-Prat, appeared on SiriusXM’s Shade 45 show “The Whoolywood Shuffle” with DJ Whoo Kid recently (because radio stations are just the best at naming things) and surprised everyone with not only knowing all of the words to Dr. Dre and Eminem’s not-at-all slow song, “Forgot About Dre”, but rapping them with pinpoint accuracy. Admit it: you’re smiling and/or giggling right now, aren’t you?

Well, just you wait until you watch.

…Yeah. Yeah. Chris “Everwood 4-Ever” Pratt just rapped the shit out of some Eminem. On the fly. Without any help from anyone. Not because he was asked, just because he could. Because he’s not afraid to show off what he’s got.

Listen, this particular author is all-too-aware of her hyperbolic nature but goddamn it we’re just going to go ahead and say it: Chris Pratt is the best. Full stop. The end. He is a magical being sent to us from another land (Planet Everwood maybe? Sorry we just loved Everwood) for the sole purpose of bringing joy and laughter to the hearts of millions.

Isn’t Chris Pratt just the best? Let’s all fawn over his delightful goofiness in the comments. Because everyone should be in like with Bright Abbott (we weren’t kidding about that Everwood love, p.s.).


  1. starlerd says:

    Most white guys age 25-35 can do this…

  2. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmn!! Just for shits and giggles I want to hear that song on the sequel and somehow he makes a “Awesome Mix Vol.3”   

  3. dunc says:

    wow. ha ha how embarrassing getting punched by Orlando Bloom, ha ha