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Chris Hardwick’s Comedy Special Coming to Comedy Central November 10th

We have just received word that Chris Hardwick’s Comedy Central special is going to air on November 10th.

You might want to start sitting in front of the TV right now.

“Mandroid” is the special taped in New York earlier this year (February 17th, to be exact). It will air at 11 pm Eastern and Pacific on November 10th. Your DVR probably doesn’t go out that far, but if it does, set it to be sure, but watch it live. Tell your friends, your family, random people on the street. Put it in your smartphone reminders. Stick it in your calendar. We will be reminding you of this before it airs, but don’t just rely on us. (I suggest Post-Its with the date scribbled on it, placed strategically on every surface in your house.) November 10th, 11 pm Eastern and Paciific (10 pm Central, and if you’re in the Mountain, Alaska, or Hawaii time zones, check, as they say, your local listings, because it depends on what feed you get), Comedy Central.

Prepare to be astounded.

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  2. smartbunny says:

    When they brought the 2 mic stands out I was all, “PHIRM IS HEEEEERE!!! PHIRM IS HEEEEERE! WHO AM I TALKING TO??”

  3. Thank golly, I was just thinking about this. I was there and Chris rocked the shit out of it, now I can rewatch it. AWESOME! (ps little drunk right now.)

  4. Alex says:

    Hey I know that girl commenting above me!

    I wonder if this will be aired in Canada?

  5. Victoria says:

    The Hard and Phirm bonus content isn’t going to be edited at all for the DVD, is it? I want to relive that whole technology fiasco in its entirety. My NYU tuition dollars at work!

  6. I was lucky enough to see both shows. That in itself is a story!!

    Both shows were wicked fun! It will be interesting to see how they are edited together.

    I’m so excited this is finally going to air!!

  7. Matt says:

    Thats my birthday! Happy Birthday to me!

  8. Curtis says:

    FINALLY! Now, having probably seen at least part of the set that Chris is using for this, I wonder if we’ll get at least a somewhat uncensored version of the special. Or we may just have to wait for the DVD to come out and hopefully have the uncut version there.