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Chris Hardwick to Host the 3rd Annual Streamy Awards

hardwickstreamy2013Well, look at this, another prime hosting gig for our own Chris Hardwick. This time, Chris has been quite appropriately been tapped to host the 3rd Annual Streamy Awards on February 17th at the Hollywood Palladium in, fittingly, Hollywood, California, U.S.A. The awards honor excellence in original online video programming, and over 30 categories are included.

You can watch the show online at, but you can also see it in person. Tickets are available by clicking here.



  1. Patty Marvel says:

    Is this the award show where some guy tried to sodomize him on stage? Maybe Fearless Leaders should look into a suit of ARMOR?

  2. pbnews says:

    I’ve been saying… get this guy a hosting gig! Glad it FINALLY happened for ya!

  3. Jim J says:

    So….DREAMY gets to host STREAMY! I am so happy for Chris!!!