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Chris Hardwick To Appear at the BJ Shea Comedy Riot in Seattle 6/1

Attention, Nerdist partisans who reside in, or can be in, the Seattle-Tacoma area on June 1st, for Chris Hardwick will be making a special appearance at the BJ Shea Comedy Riot on that evening. The show, hosted, obviously, by friend-of-all-things-Nerdist KISW morning guy and all-around swell fella BJ Shea, will feature Lisa Lampanelli and Chris and a “special guest” (no, BJ has not told me who it is, nor is it me, so there you go). It’s at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle, and tickets are on sale now, with part of the net proceeds to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. There are regular and “pre-Riot Party” tickets available, and you can get more information by clicking here, where there are ticket sales links; you can also get tickets at the theater’s box office and at the kiosks outside the Paramount and Moore Theatres.

And you should, because it’ll be a fun night and BJ is, as listeners know from his show and from his Geek Nation podcast, a proud real-deal nerd. Go, laugh, nerd out.


  1. VCEden says:


    There seems to be some issues with the ticket prices. I see $45 and $75 in the information but then on the STG website they are $41.25 and $71.25. Which is great for saving $3.75, but I hope it still includes the pre-show party thing.

  2. Kevin A. says:

    NOOO! Now I have a choice to make. Go see Chris at the Paramount on the 1st, or get some stage time and celebrate my 3 year anniversary of doing stand-up…. DAMN YOU, HARDWICK!! I’M IN A PICKLE!!

  3. Jeigh says:

    i shall procure tickets post-haste!