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Chris Bowling, Football, Puppies: Your Sunday Reminder

chrisbowlingespncelebration2013What are you doing Sunday? OF COURSE you’ll be watching Chris Hardwick bowl in the Fifth Annual Chris Paul PBA All-Star Invitational charity bowling tournament on ESPN at 4 pm Eastern/1 pm Pacific, providing that you are in the United States of America or have a gray-market satellite dish in Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean — did I say that? Not condoning, just addressing the situation. Anyway, I wanted to remind you that it’s on, that Chris will be taking on not only CP3 but Blake Griffin, Kevin Hart, Terrell Owens, and LaMarr Woodley, and you can watch it and not miss a single moment of the Super Bowl.

Ah, right, the Super Bowl. In case you’re into the live-blog thing, this year, I’m not going to do that here, because sports. (I don’t subscribe to the Sports Not Welcome Here thing, being very into sports myself, but I’m hesitant to hit you with the full sports treatment here anyway.) You can, however, follow me on Twitter, where I’ll be concentrating on the absurdity of the event. (Don’t worry, I tend to keep the actual game stuff to a minimum. It’s not life-and-death, because the Eagles aren’t in it. And because the last time my team was in the Big Game, our quarterback puked on the field, absurdity is all I see in the event anymore.)

And if football leaves you cold, there’s always Puppy Bowl IX on Animal Planet. Let’s go behind the scenes:

Puppies! Who doesn’t love puppies? It’s not the same without Harry Kalas, though.

Anyway, there’s your Sunday. Watch Chris, then watch humans or puppies play football. Wings and pizza optional.

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