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Choose Your Own Adventure with GAME OF THRONES’ Hot Pie

Choose Your Own Adventure with GAME OF THRONES’ Hot Pie

Is Hot Pie the most talented cook in all of the Seven Kingdoms? We’re not sure, and we probably won’t be seeing him or his direwolf-shaped bread on Top Chef Westeros anytime soon. Don’t be sad though! If you need more Hot Pie in your life, there’s a solution: Put yourself in his shoes in Pajiba’s Hot Pie Choose Your Own Adventure Game.

Written by Steven Lloyd Wilson, the text game picks up with Hot Pie employed at the inn where we last saw him in “Mockingbird.” Though I’m a fan of the friendly chef, he was far too free with his tongue. Sure, Brienne and Pod looked nice enough and they were honest about their search for a Stark sibling, but he had no way of knowing they were trustworthy. Hot Pie should have kept his trap shut, but he cared about Arya and he’s not so bright. He couldn’t help it.

His actions make you wonder how many other passersby he told about his acquaintance with Arya Stark, and that’s how the Choose Your Own Adventure game begins. It’s another day at the inn, you divulge what is arguably your most precious secret, and ruffians attack! What will you do next? You can hide, fight, or flee. Your choices lead you to a variety of amusing and/or grisly deaths or right to the Iron Throne in King’s Landing. Just remember, you cannot give up on the gravy.

There aren’t any spoilers for the books, but if you’re not caught up with Game of Thrones to “Mockingbird,” I wouldn’t risk playing.