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Chewin’ It #66: Nat Faxon Returns
Episode 66: Chewin' It
Nat Faxon Returns
Chewin' It with Kevin and SteveChewin' It with Kevin and Steve

Chewin’ It #66: Nat Faxon Returns

Academy Award Winner Nat Faxon joins for a second visit! We chat about Faxon’s new TV Show Married on FX, his sex scenes, his TV wife, where he keeps his Oscar, directing TV, The Groundlings, and more!  Enjoy the chew!!!

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  1. 2w4rv3t says:

    ok this is fucking bullshit! I did not even know that this episode was posted last week! the site still has some hiccups.  some podcast get buried/ moved to the next page without giving them a chance for people to see that they’ve gone up. by the way, I know that I can subscribe to it, but I download them to a memory card so I can listen to them while on the road. sorry for not having a fancy phone/friend  to remind me of every little thing on the internet. sorry for the rant. its hot today.