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Chewin’ It #62: Kevin Pereira
Episode 62: Chewin' It
Kevin Pereira
Chewin' It with Kevin and SteveChewin' It with Kevin and Steve

Chewin’ It #62: Kevin Pereira

Kevin Pereira (G4’s Attack of the Show, Pointless Podcast) joins Kevin and Steve to chew it about hosting Attack of The Show, making James Cameron bleed, podcasting, gaming, Guitar Hero vs. Rock Band, the latest in virtual reality tech, and replacing Kevin with Kevin. Enjoy the chew!

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  1. GJensen13 says:

    great podcast, i listen to Kevin’s own Pointless Podcast all the time, check it out if you liked this

  2. Michelle says:

    Loved this interview!  I miss Attack of the Show with Kevin.  But I do get to see Ask America every once in a while.  Seeing Kevin as the guest, made me NEED to listen.  Thanks for posting this!

  3. Dave says:

    I have that Sriracha tee!