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Chewin’ It #36: John Popper
Episode 36: Chewin' It with Kevin and…
John Popper
Chewin' It with Kevin and SteveChewin' It with Kevin and Steve

Chewin’ It #36: John Popper

After an L.A. gig, singer, songwriter, harmonica virtuoso and Blues Traveler frontman John Popper joins Kevin and Steve for a late night, boozy convo by the pool at the Roosevelt Hotel.  Kevin, Steve, and John talk about how they first met, the art of the harmonica, their favorite rock bands, and more. Enjoy the Chew!

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  1. Q says:

    Really, no comments?!!  John Popper gave me 2 harmonicas.  Hahaha!!  It’s true, he gives them out like hotcakes, but it doesn’t take away from the man.  He’s an incredibly gracious, hilarious, talented individual.  Great episode!  You guys work really well together.  Awesome show!!