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Chewin’ It #35: Halloween!
Episode 35: Chewin' It with Kevin and…
Chewin' It with Kevin and SteveChewin' It with Kevin and Steve

Chewin’ It #35: Halloween!

Halloween! In the spirit of the holiday, Kevin and Steve share stories about their childhood Halloweens, favorite and least favorite costumes, and Lemme’s famous theory on the three kinds of women you meet on Halloween night.  Chew it!

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  1. Arabrabbra says:

    Yayee! Excited! I love Halloween. I dressed up in full costume last year and went trick or treating with my daughter. Some people gave me dirty looks. I dont get it?!?! Who cares if im 30. I was in full costume going door to door with my daughter who had no one else to go with! I pay to give your kids money, why cant I get some candy! Glad someone else is in the holiday spirit!

  2. Jon Boy says:

    nice new banner guys!