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Episode 24: Chewin' It with Kevin and…
Chewin' It with Kevin and SteveChewin' It with Kevin and Steve

Chewin’ It #24: Pets

As they drive around L.A., Kevin and Steve share stories about pets: the pets they had in their childhood, the pets they had as adults, and their general take on pets. Bonus: Learn all you ever wanted to know about cats, i.e., why you never feed a cat tinsel, why cats don’t wear watches, and what happens when a drunk human pisses in a litter box. Chew it!

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  1. Jon BOY says:

    I got to say boys… this PODCAST IS THE SHIT….the only person i want on it …is of course…the only one thats been left out…OF COURSE THAT IS PAUL SOTER!!! Complete the series boys….imma leave you with some crackers…*nom ..nomm…crunch..nom…nom…*