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Cheers! It’s a JUSTICE LEAGUE ST. PATRICK’S DAY Spectacular!

When Tony Stark hits the bottle, things get downright depressing. When the members of the Justice League knock back a few cold ones, things get interesting. This St. Patrick’s Day, the Justice League decides to make the most of happy hour, enjoying all manner of cheap green beer, good company, and the kind of frank, slurred confessions that not even the Lasso of Truth could elicit. Will Superman ever get to the point? Will Green Lantern be able to finally flag down a bartender? Will Aquaman and Batman need dialysis machines? Only time will tell on the sauciest Justice League Holiday Special yet from the Nerdist Channel.

Friends don’t let friends drink and fight supervillains, so please celebrate responsibly. You should, however, subscribe to the Nerdist Channel with reckless abandon. What holiday would you like to see the Justice League celebrate? Let us know in the comments below.