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Check Out This Sweet Line of LED Equipped Clothing From CuteCircuit

Check Out This Sweet Line of LED Equipped Clothing From CuteCircuit

In the age of interactive technology, everything from our televisions to alarm systems can be controlled by the swipe of a gestured-controlled smart phone. While some things have continued to remain outside of today’s interactive world, for one element of our daily lives, a couple of wise, London-based clothing designers are out to shake up your wardrobe. At this year’s New York Fashion Week, Ryan Genz and Francesca Rosella debuted the latest line in their CuteCircuit collection and with it, a new way to think about the way we control our fashion.

The clothing, seen in the video above, is equipped with a series of LED lights that can be controlled with a smart phone app. Through the app, the wearer can display nearly anything their heart desires at a moment’s notice, and can change the display just as quickly. “We’re trying to bring a new dimension, to have everything be controlled by iPhone or a smartphone of some kind,” said Genz in a behind-the-scenes video from the show, “so there’s some way users wearing interactive garments have really cool ways to control what they’re wearing.”

You know what? These things are actually pretty damn cool. Imagine being at a bar or club and seeing a cool design somewhere, snapping a picture of it and immediately being able to turn it into the design on your clothing. Or imagine the possibility of sharing light patters between users. Honestly, the possibilities of where this piece of fashion-tech could go are endless.

Well done, CuteCircuit. Well done.



  1. Anthony says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if AdaFruit Industries have a hand on making these. They been into fashionable wearables for a few years now. FYI,

  2. Lee says:

    Haven’t we seen better use of the LED tech by the cosplayer crowd?
    Beside the dead eye models are a bit boring.