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Check Out The Trailer For New Kurtzman/Orci Drama SCORPION

Check Out The Trailer For New Kurtzman/Orci Drama SCORPION

They may have split in the film world, but on the small screen Kurtzman/Orci are still cooking with gasoline, and today we get our first look at what is perhaps their most high profile project of the season. Directed by Fast & Furious’ Justin Lin, CBS’ Scorpion hails from Breakout Kings co-creator Nick Santora. Santora is known for gritty, street-level projects that include Prison Break and an episode of The Sopranos, so a high-octane action series is most certainly outside the man’s wheel-house. With this recently released trailer, we get a chance to see if Santora can break the mold and try something new:

Based on the life of real world genius Walter O’Brien, this CBS series looks like it’s up to snuff as far as excitement and cleverness go. Looking at this trailer, it’s no wonder the network opted to put it up against NBC’s The Voice next season. Whether or not the series will be able to maintain this kind of quality past the first episode is anyone’s guess, but so far it appears that Justin Lin, Kurtzman/Orci, and the rest of the team involved really killed it on this pilot.

If CBS was looking to get viewers excited for next season, they sure found a way with this one. Also, what the hell was up with that opening on the farm? How global is this show?

What do you guys think of Scorpion? Let us know below.


  1. Stu says:

    Looks pretty cool. Seems to balance the nerd/action levels nicely

  2. Funkomancer says:

    Big Bang Theory: Police Procedural Edition? Sold!

  3. Mikey O says:

    I’d like to point out that’s the same diner used in Comedy Central’s “Review” when Andy Daly’s Forrest MacNeil eats 15, and then 30, pancakes in a single sitting.