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Check Out The Trailer For DISTRICT B13 Remake BRICK MANSIONS with Paul Walker

Check Out The Trailer For DISTRICT B13 Remake BRICK MANSIONS with Paul Walker

When it comes to awesomeness, there are few films of recent memory that live up to the excellence of Pierre Morel’s District B13. With amazing choreography, stunt work and a story that really services the genre, District B13 is most certainly a modern day classic, which is all the more reason why everyone was concerned when an English language remake, Brick Mansions, was announced. But it seems with the first trailer now out, our fears might have been misguided.

Knowing something that looks this good was waiting in the wings before Paul Walker’s passing makes his death that much more heart breaking. The dude was on a serious upswing, and this remake looks amazing. It’s also nice to see David Belle’s still got it when it comes to all that awesome stunt work everyone loved from him in the original film.

If Brick Mansions is even half as good as this trailer seems to imply, then it’s going to kick some major ass at the theater come April. Walker looks like he’s having as much fun as he has on Fast & Furious, and Belle looks like he’s bringing his A game. Oh, and RZA, I mean come on, he just looks like he’s having the time of his live, doesn’t he?

This feels like a film not to be missed, so don’t when it hits theaters on April 28th.


  1. Jesse says:

    Love District B13. Awesome that they got David Belle back for the remake. Wonder how much deja vu he got making the same movie over again. Only thing that seems shitty in that trailer is the “Who taught you how to speak English” line…