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Check Out The First Trailer For Nicolas Cage’s Newest Film, JOE

Check Out The First Trailer For Nicolas Cage’s Newest Film, JOE

It’s been a while since we got our last dose of Nicolas Cage goodness, of course that doesn’t include your weekly viewings of Face/Off or Raising Arizona. In his last film, The Frozen Ground, everyone’s favorite actor played a police sergeant chasing after a serial killer played by John Cusack. But in the first trailer (from France) for his latest film, it seems, to say the least, this one’s a little more grounded than his previous entry. Though, to be fair, The Frozen Ground was based on a true story.

Based on the 1991 Larry Brown novel, and directed by David Gordon Green, Joe follows the life of ex-con Joe Ransom (Cage), who’s trying to find redemption while laying low and leading a quiet life. In the process, he meets a 15 year-old boy named Gary (Mud’s Tye Sheridan) who moves into the town where Joe’s living. Based on the trailer, it seems this meeting somehow leads to Cage getting into a bunch of fights over the kid in question, perhaps in an attempt to protect and prevent Gary from heading down the path Joe once did.

The film has received a fair amount of critical acclaim coming off its festival run and will receive distribution through Roadside Attractions, though no release date has been announced as of the releasing of this trailer. In recent years, Nicolas Cage has been hit or miss in quality, but he’s been nothing but consistent in viewership enjoyment, and it is to be hoped that Joe will be continuing that trend.


  1. Marie says:

    You mean National Treasure WASN’T based on a true story? Excuse me while I go cry now…. :(

  2. Dan says:

    I have been waiting for this movie for such a long time, I cannot wait to see it!