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Check Out the Cool New Trailer for Disney’s FROZEN

Just in time for Winter…well, Autumn, it’s the first full trailer for Disney’s new digitally animated movie, Frozen. In a quaint and idyllic fairy tale land, it’s summer every day, until the Snow Queen, Elsa (Idina Menzel), decides to make it all blizzardy and stuff. It’s up to Elsa’s sister, Anna (Kristen Bell), a put-upon ice salesman (Jonathan Groff), and a loopy snowman (Josh Gad) to try to end the endless winter. There’s some abominable things out there, too.

The newest Disney feature adventure opens in cinemas November 27th, which is Thanksgiving weekend, if you’re planning ahead. Below, you’ll find a couple of awesome screenshots from the movie, which is using blues and pinks like nobody’s business.



What do you think of this trailer? Looks cool, right? And how about Kristen Bell being a Disney Princess? Talk about it in the comments below.