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Check Out Eliza Dushku in THE GABLE 5

Check Out Eliza Dushku in THE GABLE 5

Dollhouse fans, rejoice! If you’ve been craving the badassery of active Echo, check out Eliza Dushku’s latest action-packed endeavor, The Gable 5.

Directed by the mastermind that brought you Mortal Kombat: Legacy, Kevin Tancheron, this ten minute short revolves around Dr. Conrad Gable and his neurological research creating a drug powerful enough to win every war possible. All he needs now are test subjects, and that’s where Eliza Dushku charges in.

Check out the awesome short below:

Eliza spoke with our very own Malik Fortè last week about the connection between The Gable 5 and Dollhouse, as well as her experience working with Kevin Tancheroen. Given that she stays on top by being active and ready to film combat, the intense shootouts and bone-crunching crowbar beat-downs were no sweat for her.

How did you enjoy this “sci-fi futuristic Truman Show“? Sound off in the comments below.


  1. Steve says:

    Excellent. Look forward to see more.

  2. Rob says:

    Phew, that is some… clunky.. dialog…