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Chatting Up Evil Dead’s Jessica Lucas

Chatting Up Evil Dead’s Jessica Lucas

At WonderCon last weekend, a lot of information was revealed about the future of the Evil Dead franchise. Not only will Army of Darkness be getting a sequel written and directed by Sam Raimi, but the remake that hits theaters today will be getting a separate sequel from Fede Alvarez. The biggest news came when Bruce Campbell told the crowd of plans to unite the two series in one epic seventh film, closing out the legacy of the Evil Dead. The footage they showed at WonderCon featured the transformation of actress Jessica Lucas from RN Olivia into a sadomasochistic demon. We caught up with Jessica to find out how much went into her transformation and whether or not she wanted to punk anyone while she was possessed. WARNING: Spoilers Ahead.

Jessica-LucasNerdist: You play the character that convinces everyone to go to the cabin to help your friend quit drugs cold turkey…

Jessica Lucas: Not only do I cause everyone to be at the cabin, I’m also the one who’s adamant we shouldn’t leave, because I explain everything away that it’s just a symptom of withdrawal and all that stuff.

N: Hindsight at a funeral…

JL: I know, but it’s okay because I think her fate is really fitting.

N: How long did the creature make-up process take?

JL: It was three and a half hours of make-up everyday, and the process, too… you had to get a head cast, that took like an hour and a half, to get a mold figured out. There were many make-up tests leading up to it. But the worst part was being covered in blood. It was sticky and awful, you can’t move. You’re just uncomfortable all day long.

N: At any point while you were in the make-up, did you ask anyone to take you out to like a McDonald’s drive-thru or something to that effect?

JL: That would have been amazing. But no, because we were very confined and it would take us forever to get out of [the make-up] at the end of the night. I would spend about an hour and a half in the showers.

Evil Dead is in theaters now.