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Celebrate the Work of Joe Dante and Roger Corman in LA

Celebrate the Work of Joe Dante and Roger Corman in LA

If you’re a fan of genre pictures, and the once-derided-now-beloved term “B-Movies,” then you probably know and respect the names Roger Corman and Joe Dante. Corman is a super-producer whose name has been on over 400 projects since the mid-1950s and has directed over 50 movies including a string of very popular Edgar Allan Poe adaptations starring Vincent Price. He’s also helped start the careers of some of Hollywood’s biggest filmmakers including Martin Scorsese and James Cameron. Dante got his start cutting trailers for Corman’s New World Pictures and was eventually given the opportunity to direct the vicious killer fish movie, Piranha, before going on to make some truly brilliant films like The Howling, Gremlins, and The ‘Burbs.

These two men are absolute legends and they are being celebrated with an art gallery and film screening in Los Angeles this weekend. The Hero Complex Gallery and Dante’s own Trailers From Hell (which is amazing, by the way) are co-presenting a double feature at the New Beverly Cinema featuring Dante’s 1993 film Matinee, a loving tribute to ’50s monster movies, followed by Corman’s Masque of the Red Death, one of the aforementioned Poe cycle. This screening will be at 7:30pm on Friday, May 23rd and will feature a Q&A with Dante and Corman, along with other special guests, between films.


The next night will see the opening of Kings of Cult, a pop-art tribute to the work of these two low-budget luminaries. It’s at the Hero Complex Gallery and the grand opening event will be Saturday, May 24th, at 7pm with Corman and Dante again in attendance. The exhibit runs until June 8th.

Nerdist has an exclusive look at two pieces of art, the red and orange variations of Gary Pullin’s Howling image, as well as the gallery of images below.

For more information, you can visit their event page on Facebook.

Go out to celebrate the work of two of the greats in horror and sci-fi. Maybe we’ll see you there.