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Suit Up for Pi Day in Style and Win a Trip to Comic-Con

Suit Up for Pi Day in Style and Win a Trip to Comic-Con

It’s the day that has no end: Pi Day, or the 14th of March (3.14… get it?) is the day where it’s perfectly okay, nay encouraged, to be irrational. The ramifications of a non-repeating, infinite string of numbers occurring naturally is still baffling and delighting mathematicians to this day. Everyone should observe Pi Day, and Nerdist Industries is teaming up with Hot Topic and Her Universe to ensure the thing that R² be remembered for the crazy-long number that it is.

There is now an official Pi Day t-shirt, designed by Chris Hardwick and Her Universe, and sold exclusively through Hot Topic stores and online retailers, featuring the Nerdist logo and the Greek letter we love the most as well as the glorious slogan “Be Irrational.”

Pi Day tee - 3

“I adore Pi,” said Chris Hardwick, Nerdist Founder and CEO. “I memorized 150 digits of Pi. I co-wrote a song about Pi. It is a human imperative to give Pi the celebration it deserves! Thanks to Her Universe and Hot Topic for helping me realize this irrational dream.”

“It’s been really exciting to design this shirt with Chris Hardwick,” said Her Universe Founder Ashley Eckstein. “There is no better way to begin our merchandise partnership than with a Pi shirt for Pi day! Plus a chance to win a trip to the biggest and best comic convention, San Diego Comic-Con. It’s perfectly irrational.”

“We love all things nerdy, and it doesn’t get much better than a celebration of Pi Day,” said Cindy Levitt, vice president and general merchandise manager at Hot Topic. “We’re especially thrilled to be working so closely with Nerdist and Her Universe. These guys get it – and we love it.”

The shirt is muy excelente, but that’s not where the greatness ends (lots of perpetuity going on today): You can also enter an exclusive Pi Day contest for a chance to win a trip for two to San Diego Comic-Con. “What? How?!,” you ask your computer screen. Well, by being awesome and creative of course. In order to enter, you must do the following:

1. Sign up for Instagram if you haven’t already.
2. Follow Nerdist, Her Universe, and Hot Topic.
3. Make a 15 second or less video about Pi, which could be something like eating a whole pie, pieing someone in the face, explaining succinctly what Pi means, creating a Pi cosplay, telling a terrible Pi joke, or literally anything else your crafty little mind can think of. (Don’t be mean or do anything illegal though… Pi Day is about happiness!)
4. Post said video to Instagram and hashtag it #BeIrrational.

That’s it! The contest goes from Pi Day (March 14th) until the end of the month and entrants will be judged by Chris, Ashley, and Hot Topic. The winner will be announced in early May and will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to SDCC for two: This includes flight, hotel, badges, tickets to a super secret event that hasn’t been announced yet, and tickets to the Nerdist Podcast Live at the Balboa Theater. Not bad for 15 seconds, right? You must be 13 years of age or older and be a resident of the United States to enter, so sorry Czech 4th graders.

All of the pertinent info for this contest, with all the lovely fine print only slightly shorter than the digits of pi, can be found at Hot Topic’s Pi Day page. Start thinking irrationally and may your love of Pi Day go on forever.