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Celebrate MALEFICENT with Not So Wicked Food and Drinks

Celebrate MALEFICENT with Not So Wicked Food and Drinks

Disney’s Maleficent is in theaters today, and as far as we’re concerned, that’s a perfectly good reason to spend some time in the kitchen this weekend making themed food and beverages. In fact, you still have time to invite friends over to watch Sleeping Beauty in preparation for the new film. Remember to invite everyone you know because look at what happened when Maleficent didn’t get invited to Aurora’s christening.

We don’t want anyone to curse anyone else or turn into a dragon. While you’re considering the lengthy guest list, peruse some of these Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent inspired recipes and start planning for a sugary feast.

Maleficent Cookies

While you might not be able to find a Maleficent cookie cutter, you can improvise. Haniela used an ice cream cone shape for the base of her sorceress sugar cookie. She created a template for Maleficent’s face from paper and traced it onto the baked cookies with a food safe marker. She made royal icing and used it to outline and flood the top of the cookie, and she goes over the decorating process step by step – and links to her sugar cookie and icing recipes – in the above video.

Flora's Fudge

Flora’s Fudge

Back in 1959, Disney released a Sleeping Beauty’s Fairy Godmothers comic book. Inside its pages, there was a recipe for Flora’s fudge. We didn’t see her make it in the film, but it’s not a stretch to believe she had a few baking tricks up her sleeves. The recipe was scanned by Sunshine Mary, and she claims it is the best fudge recipe she’s ever tried.

Princess Aurora cupcake

Princess Aurora Cupcake

Princess Aurora never did say whether she preferred her gown to be blue or pink, so you could make these cupcakes in both shades. Top the Cupcake shared stencils for Aurora’s dress so you can simply make your favorite cupcake recipe, roll out different colors of fondant, and cut around your stencils. You’ll actually make the dress toppers before you start baking. Top the Cupcake goes over all the specifics on assembling these stylish desserts.

Maleficent Cupcakes

Maleficent Cupcakes

The color of Maleficent’s skin and wardrobe are striking, and if you make them a little brighter for cupcakes, the results are bold and villainous looking. The Disney Diner explains how to decorate any cupcakes you choose with buttercream frosting and chocolate horns. When you’re planning to put this much work into decorating, remember that you can always cheat and buy pre-made cupcakes from a bakery.


Maleficent Donut Hole Pops

Though I love the idea of a beautifully decorated cupcake, there’s not always time in my schedule to go all out. These Maleficent-inspired donut hole pops by Just Enza are a simpler alternative, and they look adorable. You only need chocolate donut holes, purple and green straws or sucker sticks, and miniature Tootsie Rolls. Microwave the Tootsie Rolls, form them into horns, and tada: evil dessert pops!

Maleficent Cocktail

Maleficent Cocktail

Need a dark and moody beverage to add a touch of evil to your weekend? Try this Maleficent drink by Cocktails by Cody. It’s made from black vodka, grape schnapps, and apple Pucker. Specific amounts of each liquor aren’t listed, but you can find a guinea pig to try all of your concoctions until you get it right. If it looks too aggressive for your tastes, Cody also has a Sleeping Beauty blend.

Are you making any themed treats for Maleficent? Jump to the comments and let us know!