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Celebrate GODZILLA With These Striking Fan-Made Posters

Celebrate GODZILLA With These Striking Fan-Made Posters

The release for Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures’ new Godzilla flick is a month and a half away, and excitement is building. The kaiju is a fan favorite and ambled into many of our hearts years or even decades ago. Everyone has a different vision of the monster, and in the latest Poster Posse project at Blurppy, dozens of artists offer their take on the movie poster for the upcoming rebirth of the character.

Just like they did with X-Men: Days of Future Past , Blurppy’s project takes a film and showcases an array of interpretations for the poster. Some artists chose to portray Godzilla as a lifelike creature, some went with more of a cartoon look, and yet others embraced camp. All of the poster designs offer a fresh take on the character, and it’s fun to see Godzilla through the eyes of others. Just check out this sampling of art:

See more posters over at Blurppy. Let us know which piece is your favorite in the comments.


  1. DT says:

    Hey Amy, can’t thank you enough for sharing this project with your fans. We have received an overwhelming positive response from fans regarding the art and all they want to know is “where can we buy it?” I hope fans can tweet @legendary and @wbpictures asking them to make these prints! Be on the lookout, MORE awesome fan art projects are lined up and waiting….you have been warned…..

  2. Salvador Anguiano says:

    Thanks for the posting our work!