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Episode 70: Cashing In with T.J. Miller
Sushi and Diet Coke
Cashing In with T.J. MillerCashing In with T.J. Miller

Cashing In with T.J. Miller #70: Sushi and Diet Coke

Cash and TJ talk about the 4th of July, holiday re-shuffling, pre-trivializing, sex riddles, lockbox pockets, vitamin pill wards, ancient aqueducts, brass knuckles, closet wallets, outdoor candelabras, foldable bicycles, trapper keepers, and Underoos, and ask the question, “Are parties going out of style?”

Listen to this watershed episode after lighting an eternal sparkler, and then matriculate down the waterfront…..


  1. Martin says:

    First up: TASTY, tasty pod! I’ll definitely force all of my future children to listen to the Baseball podcast.

    Jennie: Don’t be such a dick, at least don’t pretend you don’t know CASH’s name after listening to 70 episodes of CASHING IN with tj miller. Also, couldn’t disagree more with your hating on him, but to each their own. I do agree that TJ is highly loveable, though. :)

    Schneebremse: To my recollection TJ has only read one comment by a Nordic person, the rest have been Dutch. Så skyll inte på oss din trähat! 😉

  2. Jennie says:

    I love you TJ! That other guy is so unfunny it’s sad.

  3. schneebremse says:

    A good hot tasty pod. Even if the Nordic people can irritate TJ. But hey! We all 12½ know each other, we are all friends.

    I dont trust a lawyer that promotes his services with help of an DJ from a closet that is located in my pocket. If only, it proves that I have to big pants.

    /Singing Winders, signing off

  4. ShaunBingham says:

    Berbert Fartburger

  5. Jack says:

    TJ getting upset about masks is always funny

  6. StonersGuideTo says:

    super tasty pod

  7. Justin says:

    That was an especially hot pod!

  8. Jay says:

    Consistently the only podcast that is so funny I have to stop listening to it at work because I can’t stop laughing like an idiot.