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Episode 60: Cashing In with T.J. Miller
Hamhawk Ball
Cashing In with T.J. MillerCashing In with T.J. Miller

Cashing In with T.J. Miller #60: Hamhawk Ball

Cash and TJ talk about James Bond, bobble head girlfriends, angst ridden superheroes, kindergarten sociopaths, restless leg dancing, bird bath lovemaking, green grape peanut butter muffins, elementary school stuntmen, the price of fame, and passive resistance, and ask the question, “How grumpy was Gandhi when he got hungry?”

Destroy this episode after listening and don’t ever let your X hear it…..


  1. Nancy Grace says:

    @Alecon, That’s my daily ritual.
    That and dog food.

  2. Alec says:

    “Why am I sticky and naked? Did I miss something fun?”