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Episode 51: Cashing In with T.J. Miller
Office Mask
Cashing In with T.J. MillerCashing In with T.J. Miller

Cashing In with T.J. Miller #51: Office Mask

In this fan appreciation episode, Cash and TJ talk about diet books, funeral clowns, bacon chasers, conjoined twins, harassment techniques, back tattoos, and cactus gifts, and ask the question, “Why is Hammurabi’s code so hurtful?”

Make sure to buy some stock options for this episode and then read it on a grain of rice….

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  1. Alec says:

    I know you guys don’t generally do tech reviews, but I think an exception should be made for the new Chipotle app.

  2. Sarah says:

    Holy S*%t! I loved the “I don’t trust a lawyer who” as much as I loved the “if you’re closet” segment. My abs hurt with happiness. Love you guys!