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Cashing In with T.J. Miller #29: No Ticket Required

T.J. interviews Cash about his habit of sneaking into Super Bowls, NBA Finals, Wimbledon, concerts, amusement parks, and movies, and asks the question, “Is it undignified to wear a fake mustache?”

This episode is being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, listen while it’s still legal….

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  1. feggleman says:


  2. jack williams says:

    what’s the name of the book by the guy who snuck in to the academy awards?

  3. Ampfony says:

    I can relate to the idea of finding something exciting outside of alcohol in high school. My deal was shoplifting random things from walgreens. All that stopped when I was 14 and got caught stealing condoms on NYE. The police took me home but thankfully, Kash n’ Karry didn’t press charges. It was so traumatic I get anxiety just thinking abut taking something without buying.

  4. Great episode! I second the “more security the better”. The superbowl I pranked had Feds, state cops, Miami cops, stadium security, and probably ATF agents… but they were all working together for the first time, so there wasn’t a sharp working relationship between them.
    Perhaps more importantly, an overlapping responsibility for things meant that no one person or agency felt accountable for mistakes. It’s like loaning your car to two people. You can be damn sure the tank is going to be empty when you get it back, because both borrowers know that you can’t pin that empty tank on them.

  5. Jessica says:

    WOW!!! What a great episode!!!!! These are fascinating stories.