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Casey Wilson and Ken Marino Can’t Stop Proposing in MARRY ME Trailer

Casey Wilson and Ken Marino Can’t Stop Proposing in MARRY ME Trailer

Now that NBC has made room in its comedy roster after last week’s cancellations, one of the new comedy series that shows a lot of promise is David Caspe’s Marry Me. The series reunites writer and executive producer David Caspe and his fiancee and star of Marry Me Casey Wilson after working together on Happy Endings at ABC. With that in mind, there has to be a pretty good comedy dynamic between the two.

Marry Me follows Wilson and co-star Ken Marino as a couple that have been together as a couple for six years and feel that it’s time to tie the knot. However, it proves a lot harder than simply getting down on one knee. Both botch their attempts at popping the question and decide to wait for a better time to get engaged. The series trailer showcases all of this wonderfully.

As far as wedding proposals go, Marry Me features ones that “best” some of the worst results from a YouTube search of “epic fail wedding proposal”.

Ken Marino’s an expert at playing the hunky, self-obsessed type, but it will be a nice of change of pace to see him just play “the good guy”. In addition to Wilson and Marino, Sarah Wright, John Gemberling, Tymberlee Hill, and Tim Meadows round out the cast (and even Leslie David Baker from The Office makes a nice cameo).

NBC has set the series to premiere this fall and slotted it for Tuesdays at 9PM, which means plenty of other clips, promos, etc. should roll out over the next few months. Hopefully, they will all be just as enticing as the trailer.


  1. McGee Jones says:

    I am gonna watch the shit out of this. YOU HEAR ME NBC???????????? I will literally watch someone shit on this show. I love Marino and Wilson.  

  2. Sharks says:

    Looking forward to this. Love Casey Wilson. Love Ken Marino. Of course it’s gonna be good.