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Car Tunes and Cartoons: Yalls Shares Exclusive Mix and Illustration

Car Tunes and Cartoons: Yalls Shares Exclusive Mix and Illustration

Yalls is a Berkeley, California-based producer named Dan Casey (no relation to Nerdist’s own Dan Casey, or undiscovered evil twin. Not sure yet.) who is a purveyor of  experimental synth pop as well as a prolific remixer. Whether he is distorting and modulating his own voice, using squeaky, catchy synth loops, or chopping up samples of guitar chords, Casey’s versatility as an artist is always the most evident aspect of his sound. Check out his debut album, United, to hear what I’m talking about.

His Car Tunes and Cartoons mix elaborates upon this multifaceted, flexible approach to soundscapes, as he blithely hop-scotches across several genres in fluid way. Throughout the next thirty minutes, the compulsion to groove will begin in your head and slowly radiate to all of you appendages.

Casey’s illustration (above) is one of my favorites so far, and squee-worthy because he used a black-and-white filtered photograph of his doggie Finn, and then placed his own face within the outline. I love this sense of companionship almost as much as I love his mix, which features Jai Paul, Michael Jackson, and a great remix of a Jungle song. Check it out below, friends!

During the course of our correspondence, Dan came across immediately as an easygoing guy who was really happy to have an extra excuse to work in a medium he loves. He briefly and jovially explained his thoughts about the mix below:

“These are jams I’m loving with a new remix. I recorded this ‘live’ with Traktor (which I just got), as opposed to slowly building a mix in Ableton which was fun.”

Let us know what you think about our latest edition of Car Tunes and Cartoons in the comments below, and hit us up on twitter @NerdistMusic. Keep your eyes peeled for our fifth installment soon! DJs please, pick up your phones, we’re on the request line!