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Captain Planet: The Movie


Earth, fire, wind, water, and, yes, even heart: Your favorite environmentally-conscious superhero is back (sorry, Conservation Corps), and this time he’s headed to a cinema near you.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Sony Pictures is in the final negotiating stages to acquire the rights to a live-action Captain Planet (and the Planeteers) movie, produced by Don Murphy (Transformers, Natural Born Killers), Susan Montford (Shoot Em’ Up, While She Was Out), and Mark Gordon (Speed, The Day After Tomorrow).

For anyone who didn’t have the pleasure of watching the show while it aired, Captain Planet told the story of five “green” kids from around the world on a never-ending quest to defeat the forces of polluters and generally bad people. When their own special skill-sets fail them, the Planeteers “combine powers” to conjure up the ultimate hippie superhero, Captain Planet.

Weird metallic blue skin? Check. A green flat-top straight out of House Party? You betcha. Is there a monkey involved? Oh, yeah, they’ve got monkeys.

Anyone who grew up in the late ’80s/early ’90s will surely delight at this news, as Captain Planet remains to this day one of the bright spots of children’s animated programming.

Technically, this isn’t the first live action appearance of Captain Planet; Don Cheadle starred in a series of Funny or Die shorts, which found our beloved eco-avenger cast into a very different light.

When our powers combine… hopefully we get a great adaption of one of the most fun, good natured, and strangest animated shows ever made.

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