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Captain America Has Slightly Different To-Do Lists Around the World

Captain America Has Slightly Different To-Do Lists Around the World

If you haven’t already seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier, then what’s wrong with you? Go see it! If you still haven’t seen it, then don’t worry because the contents of this post don’t spoil any plot points; just one adorable insert shot/throwaway joke that will put a smile on your face. Still, if you don’t want anything ruined, then I’ll give you a chance to get out. Are you still here? Wait, what was that? Oh, I thought you said something else. Okay, good.

As you may remember, early on in the film when Captain America first makes the acquaintance of Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie), the retired veteran who we’ll soon know as The Falcon, he is told to check out the soundtrack to Trouble Man by Marvin Gaye. We know from Avengers that Cap is on a never-ending struggle to understand modern pop culture references, but how does he keep track of them all? Why, his handy-dandy to-do list of course, and he has a different one for every part of the world!


One enterprising redditor noted that, at an early screening of the film in South Korea, Steve Rogers had a slightly different set of cultural references with which to acquaint himself:



ScreenCrush pointed out some of the differences in the UK version



I know they shot four minutes of  additional footage for Iron Man 3’s Chinese release that included popular Chinese actors, so please, please, please tell me they shot bonus footage of Cap playing Dance Dance Revolution to air exclusively in Korean markets. Here’s hoping that other geographic-specific lists will start popping up in the coming weeks.

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