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Capaldi, Coleman, Moffat, and Hardwick Explain DOCTOR WHO in 30 Seconds

Capaldi, Coleman, Moffat, and Hardwick Explain DOCTOR WHO in 30 Seconds

Some of us wordier members of the Doctor Who fan community have been trying for years to explain the whole 50 year saga in as concise a way as possible and usually bore the poor person we’re trying to enlighten. What were we missing? Sound effects, of course. During the red carpet for last week’s Doctor Who World Tour stop in New York City for a premiere screening of “Deep Breath,” the first episode of Series 8, and subsequent Q&A, MTV News asked stars Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, executive producer and lead writer Steven Moffat, and moderator and host of the event Chris Hardwick to sum up the Time Lord’s half-century escapades on television as briefly as a human could.

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Gotta love Jenna Coleman’s idea of what a sonic screwdriver sounds like, and she actually does a pretty good Dalek, her having been one and all (kinda). Also, I think Hardwick has the right idea; every time the Doctor regenerates he should say “Now I’m this guy.” But, of course, leave it to Moff to not only use no sound effects, but actually explain the whole thing in 8 seconds, no problem. That’s probably why he’s the guy in charge.

As you no doubt know, Doctor Who will be premiering this Saturday, August 23rd, at 8/7c on BBC America, preceded and followed by live specials hosted by Chris Hardwick. Get your first glimpse of Capaldi, then head back here to Nerdist to read my review of “Deep Breath.”

[Source: MTV]


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