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Can’t Afford a Video Game? Just Sell Your Kids!

The middle child always gets fucked. This is especially true for the second child of Li Lin and Li Juan. Like many 21 year-olds, they would rather play video games than be parents. Unfortunately, they didn’t always have the money to play. Children can be a total drain on resources, and Li Lin and Li Juan have three of them. So they figured it was time to lighten their load.

That’s when the middle child bit the dust. No they didn’t kill the kid (they’re not animals!), but they did sell child #2 for $500. You would think $500 goes a long way in China, but the Internet Café is a cruel mistress. They ended up selling their other two kids as well, but this time for around $4600. Now, that should buy you tons of WoW hours. But as karma would have it, Li Lin and Li Juan won’t be able to spend their earnings, since they will most likely be spending forever behind bars.

Let this be a cautionary tale, gamers. Don’t sell your kids for ANYTHING.

Not even for that Duke Nukem game.

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