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Calling J.J. Abrams: Bill Hader’s STAR WARS Impressions are To Die For

Calling J.J. Abrams: Bill Hader’s STAR WARS Impressions are To Die For

Listen up, J.J. Abrams: Bill Hader has to voice some sort of dying non-human in your upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII. It’s not so much an ask as it is a necessity that will not only benefit your work on the films, but humanity as a whole. The man really knows how to die. Even if it weren’t already known that Hader is an impressive aural genius, the former Saturday Night Live comedian’s appearance on Conan last night proved the man was born to play an intergalactic creature on the cusp of death.

We know the script is already finished, meaning parts for Hader have likely not been taken into consideration, but perhaps his death-rattling take on Jabba the Hutt or a Tauntaun on the brink will force the director to reconsider. We’re not implying that the film’s greatness will hinge on whether or not Hader gets a part or anything, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have him there for comedic relief of the non-Jar Jar Binks variety, either. “I can do whatever you want,” the actor asserted. “I can do anything. I can do Jabba the Hutt dying … I’ve been working on that since the third grade.” With this impressive a skill level, we’d even welcome him to takeover the role of Jar Jar Binks — just kidding! We couldn’t even type that with a straight face. But still.

Consider your options, and take care you must, J.J. It’s what any wise old Jedi Master would do.

H/T: Team Coco


  1. I love the dying tauntaun