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Calling All Robots


Over at Threadless, one of the users, Demented (aka Mathijs Vissers) has put out a call for robots. He wants to collect 10,000 robots. Not real robots, mind you; what he wants is for people to post their own drawings of robots on his Flickr account. Some will be awarded free shirts from his own Here Be Robots brand, but that’s not the main thing here. He just wants 10,000 drawings of robots. Because.

In case you don’t think your artistic abilities are up to snuff, he writes:

“Even if you can’t draw, it doesn’t matter! (actually that makes it more fun!) I’m sure you have 5 minutes, so give it a go and show me the best damn robot you can make!”

He’s also taking suggestions for what to do with the robot drawings once he’s collected them, so you might want to help him out with that, too. But first, draw a robot. At the present rate, it might take several lifetimes to get to the 10,000 mark, so let’s pick up the pace a little.

HT:’s GeekDad

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  1. Phil Allen says:

    I will send you pictures of my Giant Killer Robot. Or check him out on line. Just Google (GKR-001). He’ll be the big guy. Phil Allen

  2. ericshead says:

    Not to put down Demented’s/Mathijs’ attempt at collecting 10000 robot drawings, but someone recently collected one million drawings of giraffes… again, just because. Well, actually, it was a bet of sorts for a case of beer, but whatever; similar stakes. Oh, and he (Jorgen) collected these drawings in just 440 days!

    LINK: [ ]