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Calling All Cosplayers

Are you a Cosplayer?  You are?  Well, then, are you going to the New York Comic-Con?  Yes?  Great.  We’ve established a base here, then.

So, are you proud of your costume?  How proud?  Proud enough to want to be featured in a new webseries about Cosplay?  Yes?

Okay, then, here’s what you do.  Send an email to [email protected].  If you’re what they’re looking for, you might get to be in this thing, which would be cool.   Again, it’s for Cosplayers who will be at NYCC interested in appearing in a webseries; Send an email to [email protected].  Good luck!


  1. Laracroft says:

    When will the interviews from NY COMIC CON be uploaded? Really want to hear ( and see it since it was filmed ). Grazie!

  2. River the Service Dog says:

    Woof! Woof! Woof!

    In human words, when do we get to see it? :)

    I was the dog dressed as Captain America, btw.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Same.. I was interviewed.. where can we watch this?

  4. paul says:

    I was interviewed also (sort of) around 7 pm on sat & i am trying to find out where i can watch it.

  5. Alex Shields says:

    I am Alex Shields. I was interviewed today at the NYCC for the just cos webcast. I was wondering where I could see it or maybe get a copy of it?

    thank you kindly,
    Alex Shields