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Britta’s Psyched About Community at Comic-Con

As you’ve read already, Chris Hardwick will be moderating the Community panel at Comic-Con International on Sunday, July 21st, at 1:50pm in the uber-huge Hall H. The panel will be a celebration of the fans who kept the show going through ups and downs, and now the huge up of having creator Dan Harmon back at the helm.

To commemorate, NBC has released this video of Britta spouting her various pseudo-intellectual psychology nonsense, remixed into a nifty music video. Nice to see Britta’s self-righteousness and half-learned phrases have finally paid off. She’s still the worst, though.

Community will be back this fall on NBC. If you’re at Comic-Con, come to the panel at 1:50pm in Hall H. There’s also a signing on 7/21 at 3:00PM in private room 28C on the upper level of the Convention Center. How do you get tickets? Go to the Sails Pavilion – Autograph Area.



  1. will this be recorded and uploaded like you did with the big bang one? since im all the way in holland and i would like to check it out