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Bring These Heroes Home to Celebrate 50,000 Nerdist Channel Subscribers

Bring These Heroes Home to Celebrate 50,000 Nerdist Channel Subscribers

To slightly paraphrase Princess Leia as Boushh from Return of the Jedi, our way of saying “Fifty thousand; no less” is “Koto. Koto!” As in Kotobukiya, makers of finely sculpted heroes, chopsticks, ice trays and everything in between. So as we hit the fifty-thousand mark in subscribers to the Nerdist Channel (are you one yet? Go sign up here), we’re celebrating our golden anniversary of sorts by giving away the gold standard in superhero teams – the Avengers, Koto-style, as Fine Art statues of Thor, Captain America and Iron Man.

Sculpted by Erick Sosa, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes stand between 13-15 inches tall in their most iconic outfits and classic poses – Iron Man ready to blast a repulsor ray, Thor wielding Mjolnir and Captain America standing tall. Cap also comes with a bonus unmasked head, so you can display him as Steve Rogers if you prefer. All three stand upon similar rock bases to make them suitable for displaying as a group or separately.

Enter to win these guys over at Nerdist News, then go for the gold with bonus chances at Facebook, Goggle + and Twitter (where you can also keep tabs on Kotobukiya’s latest creations). Joss Whedon doesn’t have to be the only person who gets to tell these guys where to stand.


  1. Jordyn says:

    I was a subscriber before the new channel

  2. hulk says:

    why me no included in avengers prize package?
    make me angry.
    you wouldnt like me when me angry mr mcgee.
    hulk smash hardwick!